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I love Twitter   3 comments

I love the idea of twitter – I think it’s the logical intersection between blogging and reduced attention spans.  I started to play about with it and I was frustrated with the way I needed to create entries.  Having a separate app to create twitter updates seemed wrong to me.  I don’t want to change focus from my current shell to create an update and best case, I want to update my status automatically so I don’t think about it, it just happens. 
I know that there are some command line tools to do this, but I I want a native solution for PowerShell, so I created a Send-TwitterStatus cmdlet to allow me to send updates directly from my shell.  Not only that, but I can use this cmdlet in other scripts to automatically push my activity to Twitter as well.  I created media player script and it seems like a natural thing to do is to push my playlist to Twitter so my friends can see what I’m listening to (if they want).  I have a line now in the script when I append an album to my playlist is a line that calls my cmdlet and pushes my update:
   Send-TwitterStatus "Adding to office playlist: $album" $credential
  • $album is the name of the album
  • $credential is a global variable that contains a PSCredential which is used by the cmdlet to authenticate with the Twitter service.  
I grabbed the Yedda.Twitter code to do the actual Twitter interaction and the rest is just the code to stitch the cmdlet together.  I also convert the XML results into a custom object so I can eventually create the appropriate formatting. 
Anyway – here you go. 
Here’s the Yedda.Twitter library
and the cmdlet code
My post!7143DA6E51A2628D!119.entry will show how to compile and install a snapin and use.
Next steps are to create the various twitter getters and create the format file so I can get activity directly from the shell.

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More media – PCC Chamber Singers, 1978   2 comments

It seems like the time just flies – it’s been a couple months since I updated here, and I would like to post more often. 
In any event, I have another audio file to post!  This is the third of the Trois Chanson Britonnes Soir d’été.  My memory of the recording circumstances is a little fuzzy, since it was nearly 30 years ago, but I seem to remember that we did this recording around the end of the calendar year, and we hadn’t yet learned the second chanson, so I only have this one (the last) and the first.
Conducted by Bill Hatcher and accompanied by the magnificent Twyla Meyer .
Here it is: Soir d’été
Some of the other pieces from this recording session are:
  • Audite Nova
  • I Heard a Voice
  • Deck the Halls
There are more, and I’ll post them as I can

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