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Wow – I haven’t written for a long time – however, I think I’ll be doing more because while I was cleaning up my home office, I found a number of cassette tapes to which I’ve been hanging for an even longer time. 
I’ve been incredibly fortunate to perform with a number of very excellent ensembles over the years.  I found recordings dating back to when I I first started singing at Pasadena City College in 1976-78 – I’m going to be sharing them here in my blog so the folks can get access to them as I can convert them from tape to digital.
So, I’ll try to reduce the noise, and do some of the usual mastering activities.  We’ll see how successful I am at that, it will be a learning experience for me.  With the first one, I haven’t done any noise reduction of mastering, it’s just right off the tape, so you’ll hear some tape hiss.  Also, as I recall, the recording was done by some pretty crummy omnidirectional mics (and I seem to remember that it was recorded on reel-to-reel, so this cassette might be a copy of that).  This is a recording from 1978 of the first movement of Trois Chanson by Henk Badings performed by the Pasadena City College Chamber Singers, conducted by Bill Hatcher who inspired me greatly and accompanied by the amazing Twyla Meyer.
Here you go: La Nuit En Mer

Posted June 22, 2007 by jtruher3 in Music

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I think the exact title of Henk Badings\’ opus is "Trois chansons bretonnes".
    By coincidence I was willing to post on a very similar topic some time ago when I was given the opportunity to record on tape a vinyl from the early 60\’s where my father and his band re-interpreted standard classical tunes \’à la\’ jazz. Some pieces are very dated, some are absolutly gorgeous.
    I was slowed down by the issue with converting the tape to digital. How do you achieve that? What hardware & software did you use for the sample you shared?

  2. The hardware I\’m using is PlusDeck 2c and I create a .wav file rather than an MP3.  Then I use Adobe Audition to manipulate the audio (noise reduction, create the MP3, etc).  I\’ve thought about using my higher end cassette deck and purchasing a high quality (24bit) sound card but I\’m not sure how much better that would be.  This first attempt I didn\’t do much to the sound – I need to experiment more

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